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Article IconEntrepreneur Magazine, “Start a Business in 10 Minutes a Day”
Entrepreneur Magazine, “Tips for a More Productive Day”
PEOPLE Magazine
Starting Up Magazine – A premier magazine for entrepreneurs in Germany
Woman Magazine,  Great Britain, December 2008
MSNBC, “A Project Management Primer”, January 2009
Lowes Commercial Center, Survival of the Fittest, February 2009
Smart Money Magazine, May 2009
ToiletPaper Entrepreneur, May 2009
New York Times, March 2010, April 2010
Success Magazine, Everyday Giving, August 2010


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Entrepreneur Magazine’s Women in Business,
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Create a Wow Internet Marketing Seminar faculty member
Nan Russell, Work Matters Web Talk Radio
Jenny Hamby, SeminarMarketing, Implementation Coaching Secrets
National Public Radio, Listen to Rory and her family talking about trans gender children
Greg Williams, Blog Talk Radio
The Charmaine Greer Show, WJJC, January 2009
Solutionz Live Blog Talk Radio Wellness Segment, February 2009
Solutionz Live Blog Talk Radio, Job Hunt Segment, May 2009
Mindset Mechanic, Julie Rahm, December 2010


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Bradley Communications, Steve and Bill Harrison National Publicity Summit, NYC
Bradley Communications, Quantum Leap, Philadelphia, PA
Stu McClaren, Idea Incubator Summit, Los Angeles California
Jeff Lehrman, Other People’s Money Real Estate Bootcamp, San Marin, California

Health, Work and Wellness Pan Canadian Annual Conference, Calgary, Ontario

Alex Mandossian, Teleseminar Secrets, Faculty

Health, Work and Wellness Pan Canadian Annual Conference, Toronto, Canada

Holdt County School District Leadership Retreat, Niagra Falls, Canada