Deb Conners

President, Health Work and Wellness Conference, Canada


Janis PettitI didn’t know what to expect when I opened the package with my advance copy of TAKE 10. The first thing that struck me was the originality, bright colors and fun graphics. But as I read it I realized that these three dynamic ladies had taken a proven success formula and made it simple and do-able for anyone with a tight schedule and a big dream. I always tell my small business clients to go for the Big Vision. Anyone can achieve their goals by commiting to follow the TAKE 10 system.

Janis Pettit, Smartrak
Small Business Marketing Expert

Steve Harrison“I do everything possible to help my coaching members succeed. For the past 18 months, I’ve considered Rory Cohen my secret weapon, helping my clients get to even higher levels of success faster and more easily. She knows how to take material from any training program and break it down into manageable 10-minute chunks. The result – more success case studies than ever. “

Steve Harrison
founder National Publicity Summit

Stu McLaren“Having Rory at our live Idea Incubator event was a great idea. The Idea Incubator is all about action. We have a stellar faculty, all leading experts in their fields. Rory brings a unique perspective, one that supplements all of our teachers. She helped our participants come up with a game plan for what they were going to do first thing Monday morning. She handles the psychological aspects of our participants’ success, leaving us with more time for what we do best: educating successful internet marketers. The main feedback we got on Rory and her system: “More, please!”

Stu McLaren
Insider Ideas From The Internet’s Top Marketers (
Idea Incubator (

Pat & Lorna Shanks“We’ve been aware of Rory’s work for a few years now, but got a chance to see her in action at Stu McLaren’s Idea Incubator. She has a great way of getting people to network, which is the first step in any great business relationship. And her presentation “From Idea to Implementation” made it very clear and concise on how to Implement any Idea and move it from concept to cash…in a fun and easy way.

We believe that EVERY seminar needs to have implementation expert… and Rory is the only one we would highly recommend.”

Pat & Lorna Shanks

Beth & James Hood“Rory has been a miracle worker for our business and our personal lives. She has an amazing ability to really listen to our needs and hopes and hone in on what is most important to our success. She turned our chaotic ideas into a beautifully focused vision charged with enthusiasm, inspiration, and passion. For the first time since we began our project, we have a feeling of control and peace over our necessary day to day actions in relation to our overall plan for our business. Having Rory on our coaching team is one of the best decisions we ever made! We are finally tackling the projects we have been putting off for 6 months, getting more done each day, spending more quality time in our marriage, and feeling a greater focus, clarity and inspiration EVERY day.”

Beth and James Hood
Speakers, Coaches, and co-Authors of
Where’s the Map? Create Your OWN Guide to Life after Graduation

Amy SchoenMakes the Impossible Possible

“Rory Cohen has helped me make what seemed impossible to be possible! As a coach/entrepreneur who sees so many possibilities and projects to pursue, Rory gets me to focus on what would serve me best in a particular timeframe and chunk it down into doable and manageable steps. Rory also provides the tools, resources and know-how to help me accomplish my business goals. Rory’s the best!”

Amy Schoen
MBA, CPCC, Relationship Coach and author of Movitated to Marry
Baltimore, Maryland

Darren TenorLittle Changes Make a Big Difference

“It’s just that… I went to a workshop, I watched and listened to you for a few hours, and little things started to change. You’ve planted a seed in me, and it’s growing into my life. And people don’t see you… they just see me being more “confident” or “driven”. I didn’t expect your system to come in and change me like that. I’m really excited, I’m really grateful, and I have you to thank for that.”

Darren Tenor
City of Calgary, Calgary, Ontario

DawnUnleashes your vitality…

“I have a Big Idea and a Big Idea Declaration that feel really good to me. As soon as I typed them, the headache that I’ve had all day went away. They make me smile and feel wonderful inside! I’ve already printed my BID and posted it on my computer, made a small printout for my dashboard and a bigger one to post next to my bathroom mirror. My purpose is clear and I AM at peace. I’m excited about the next 30 days!”

Dawn Du Verney Wilkins
Cheltenham, PA

Diane DuttonThe Take 10 System is truly the foundation of my new found focus. My growth has come from a better understanding that I must focus to achieve my Some Day Dreams! Rory Cohen and the Take 10 System have been at the heart and spirit of my growth and a speaker and writer. Rory truly possesses a gift to guide growth and success! The Law of Attraction brought Rory and Cornelia to me and I am successful because I embraced their support and the Take 10 System! Thank you!

Diane Dutton
CEO, ESO International

Reut hebron-SchwartzThe power of passion

“The feedback I got from you was so inspiring that I decided to put everything else aside and go with my passion. Since then the funniest things happened. All of a sudden my enthusiasm is drawing a lot of great things my way.”

Reut Hebron-Schwartz
President, KindExcellence

Ron HulnickRequired reading for all ages

“As an educator who spent the last 30 years teaching adults how to live in alignment with who they truly are, I can attest to the simple effectiveness of the Take 10! system. Rory and Cornelia have done a fabulous job of delivering these transformational principles in a practical workbook style, which would be valuable required reading for students of all ages.”

Ron Hulnick, PhD.
President, University of Santa Monica

Richard KeilExpress your inner passion..

“They bring out the passions that we all have inside but perhaps do not know how to express.”

Richard “jaws” Keil
Actor, Author
Northern California

Sylvie MeehanShe saved me from a bad decision..

“I can’t thank Rory enough. After talking to her over the phone for the free 30 minutes consultation she already pointed out some mistakes I had on my email’s signature and LinkedIn’s pages and on top of that she saved me $7,000 on a bad decision I would have made if I haven’t talked to her about my book. I am so grateful that I am currently enrolled in her “Make Results Happen Now” program and private sessions with her to help achieve my goals. I am loving it and Rory you are the best. Do yourself a favor, contact Rory and see what she can do for you about your goals.”

Sylvie Meehan, CAPS (Certified Aging-In-Place Specialist)
Sylvie Meehan Designs

It took me ten minutes to fall in love with TAKE 10—the best book I’ve read on getting from thought to ACTION without passing go and collecting much more than $200. Most books in the personal growth field are all theory and concept…not this book. It is pure action and energy. I urge everyone who can read to read it.

Steve Chandler
Speaker and Author of The Story of You

Works for any Big Idea

“… thank you for holding my hand as I tried to break through some of my barriers.

While I’m not a completely new man (yet) I have made some progress, directly attributable to your method. It’s clear that this system will work for anything, and once learned could have great impact on one’s life. The sooner learned the better, so I will recommend it to young people who have not yet given too much of their lives over to mountains and muck.”

Alan Wright

Teacher, Environmental Activitist
Las Canadas, Mexico

The Whole Planet Benefits

“I was only able to listen to the last fifteen minutes of your telephone conference. But that was enough to assure me that you’re truly interested in making a difference on the planet on a wide scale.”

Bob Zaslow
New York

Tap Into your inner success..

“ confidence in public speaking had plummeted to the point that I had anxiety attacks just planning a presentation. Along came Rory Cohen and the “Take 10!” system, (seriously, I met her while sitting on a secluded beach trying to practice for a presentation I felt would make or break my career). Her coaching was been instrumental in making that presentation enormously successful, and I’ve continued to use the tools for my many recent, equally successful, public speaking engagements. Miracles do happen to those who make them happen. I will be forever grateful for Rory’s’ incredible insight into the human mind and what it can accomplish if you know how to tap into your inner success.”

Joy Reisman
Account Executive
Loveladies, New Jersey