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Implementation Coaching for your Attendees

Take 10! provides a new stream of revenue for you via back-end, follow-up Implementation Coaching for your clients. We offer:

  • Private Coaching Sessions
  • Teleclasses
  • Webinars
  • Online Accountability Groups

Our methods combine the best wisdom, tools, and techniques for goal achievement from the fields of business development, corporate training, executive coaching, and success psychology. We coach any topic, industry, or clientele and to date have facilitated in over 20 different sectors.

The biggest names know Implementation Is Everything

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What do the biggest names in the business have in common? They know that after-the-training Implementation Coaching is key to their success—it drives their business and benefits their bottom line. All of these companies have in-house, back-end Implementation Coaching programs that are integral to their seminar offerings.

Why is implementation a key to Success?

Because knowledge is not enough. Knowledge alone, gained at your seminar or through your home products, will not yield results for your clients. 95% of attendees WILL NOT implement what they have learned. Life gets in the way, obstacles crop up, and time slips by…


Knowledge + Implementation = Results


When your clients get results, you get increased business!

How back-end coaching impacts your bottom line

The addition of back-end, Implementation Coaching provides:

  • Greater Perceived Value and Client Satisfaction
  • More Clients Achieving Results
  • Increased Testimonials and Better Success Stories
  • Greater Word-of-Mouth and Referrals
  • Increased Upsells of your other Products and Services


Why not do it yourself?

Very simply, it’s expensive and labor intensive. In-house, back-end Implementation Coaching requires creating an entire infrastructure. You have to:

  • Find, hire, and manage exemplary coaches with specific expertise in implementation
  • Create the coaching programs—the methodology, curriculum, and materials
  • Manage the entire process—handle enrollments, take payments, distribute materials, track progress, provide email/phone support, and troubleshoot

Minimal effort and zero investment on your part!

Take 10! handles the whole thing, soup to nuts. We provide a complete “suite” of Implementation Coaching Services, customized to your content, to support your clients in implementing what they learned from you to achieve measurable results!

The only thing you have to do is share the benefits and value of this back-end, Implementation Coaching with your clients—that’s it. We handle absolutely everything else.

And we provide a generous profit split to you!

We offer seamless integration

We can look “invisible” to your clients by presenting these services within the look and feel of your company, creating a consistent brand experience for your clients. To them, it’s you who offer this valuable, optional “safety-net” of after-the-training coaching services to best ensure their success!

Are you Intrigued?

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